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Ray Vernon
Certified Conversion Practitioner

Ray has been involved in digital marketing for over 10 years and is passionate about getting results for customers. He continues to push the boundaries of online conversion because of his core belief that investment in marketing should give a return back to the business.

Ray has dedicated himself to understanding customers psychology and is an expert in website conversion. He can be seen at seminars several times a year teaching business owners and managers how to get more profit from their online businesses.

Pete Stubbings

Pete has been in the on-line industry for many years and is heavily focused on creating successful internet marketing campaigns. In 2003 he started in the internet world with his own e-commerce business. The company expanded rapidly as the business grew and diversified. This gave him a front-line knowledge of running a successful business on-line which is a major advantage in understanding how people interact in a virtual world and which marketing methods work.

Pete loves to look at internet marketing from a holistic point of view, making sure that all aspects are pulling in the same direction and identifying any weak links.

In his free time, Pete likes go travelling with his partner to experience new and exciting cultures and adventures. When not travelling, he likes to play golf and football.

Phil Boulter
Art Director
Certified Conversion Practitioner

Our design/graphics team is led by Phil who has over four and a half years experience in the industry. He studied for a degree in 3D Computer Modelling and Animation at Bournemouth University where he graduated in 2007.

He specialises in e-commerce website design but is proficient in the design of websites of all types for a large range of industries.

Phil's design style is usually quite minimalistic which helps to keep the time spent designing low and makes for simple, uncluttered looking websites which load quickly.

In his spare time he is the drummer of alternative rock band, Broken Links and enjoys riding his motorcycle.

Xan Phillips
PR and Social Media Manager

An early convert to the Internet's massive potential Xan left the political team at Sky News to become an editorial webmaster in 1997 managing a team that designed and built some of the first e-commerce and content management sites, along with tools to help build online communities.

Xan combines a wide range of media and marketing experience with a creative drive that will bring an interesting perspective to the role of Social Media and PR Manager.

It was radio that brought him to the south coast in 2006 and since then has enjoyed a very successful relationship with the region's arts and culture communities, which led to him writing a music column for the Daily Echo, curating a music festival in Southampton and working with Solent Sky museum on their Heritage Lottery funded Supermarine S6 exhibition ‘Air, Sea and Speed'.

Xan's editorial skills and community based knowledge is also complimented by his wide experience as an instructor and he'll continue hosting our Social Media training sessions.

Charlotte Carr
Digital Marketing Assistant

As part of Splice's apprenticeship scheme, Charlotte is currently training as a Digital Marketing Assistant.

After completing her GCSE's, Charlotte studied A levels in Art, Photography and Media Studies while also taking a Adobe Photoshop enrichment course on the side. After 6 months of study Charlotte decided that real world experience was preferable and applied to become an apprentice at Splice.

In her spare time, she enjoys anything that involves being creative. She hasn't left photography behind, as she regularly takes her camera on walks with her dog, Jazz. If she's not with her camera, Charlotte enjoys baking cakes whenever she can. Charlotte also has a keen interest for writing.

Jake Cruse
Web Developer

A part of Splice's apprentice scheme, Jake is training to be a web developer and learning to create web applications and websites to the high standards we demand.

His previous experience with IT reached college level and outside of that he also has experience of some programming languages such as C++, HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Jake is keen to learn everything he can from observing others and finds writing code for websites a rewarding experience.

In his free time Jacob enjoys playing basketball, clay pigeon shooting and is always eating Jaffa Cakes.

Simon Chivers
Digital Project Manager

Simon joined Splice Marketing in January 2014, having spent over 8 years in the online industry from a client side.

His experience of dealing with both independent and multi-national companies, as well as working on large online and offline projects will help Splice be able to deliver clients projects on-time to the highest quality.

Having spent 8 years client side he brings with him top insight into how agencies deal with clients and what the common frustrations are.

Dmitriy Sinkovecs
Web Developer

My role at Splice Marketing is web developer. My duties involve a wide range of tasks from putting new content on the site to creating high standard web applications for our clients.

I have skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. To develop web sites or web applications I'm using PHPStorm, Sublime Text, Laravel, Wordpress, Git, JQuery, SASS, Bootstrap etc.

My life isn’t only work. In my free time I like active sports such as paintball, rafting, walking in mountains or forest, horse riding and traveling. When the weather is bad I like watching movies, visiting galleries, museums and sometimes the theatre.

Max Japes
Apprentice Web Developer

A part of Splice's apprentice scheme, Max joined as a apprentice coder and is training to become a web developer and will be learning how to create web applications and websites to the high standards we demand.

During college he took IT level 3 to learn the basics in all areas of IT, following this he chose to specialise in web development. He took the apprenticeship route so he could learn HTML, CCS, Javascript and any other coding languages and techniques that will help aid website creation and in doing so, further his knowledge and tackle more complex tasks.

During his free time Max likes to horse ride and ground crew the yearly Battle proms, which are displays revolving around Napoleonic and WWI displays, including a calvary display that he helps ground crew (set up) and hopes to ride in one day.

Miki Molnar
PPC Manager

Miki is an Industrial Design Engineer who shifted focus to digital marketing, eventually joining at Splice Marketing as the PPC Manager. He is a geek with a sweet tooth for gadgets, advertising, brands and virtually anything digital.

As an engineer he used to design bicycles at Schwinn Csepel in Hungary, but soon came to realise that he has to market his products as well. Digital seemed a good place to start in the light of not having an unlimited budget. He has been doing that ever since.

He is always on the lookout for new ways to help clients get ahead of the competition. A strategic thinker who sees possibilities where others see obstacles. Whatever happens, do not start him talking, it is extremely hard to stop him.

Kieron Watson
Apprentice Graphic Designer

An apprentice at Splice, Kieron is undergoing training to become a fully developed Web Designer and learning some of the ways that creativity can be incorporated into good design.

Having spent 2 years at Fareham College studying Art & Design, Kieron has a passionate interest, a keen eye for detail and a thirst for more knowledge of the techniques used to produce a top quality website design.

Kieron is knowledgeable in several design softwares including Adobe Photoshop and learning more every day.

In his spare time he enjoys listening to music, watching films and reading good books though you would be hard pressed to not find him playing video games.

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