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They not only helped us with a fantastic new website, but also guided us regarding a design which ensures high volumes of traffic and conversions.

Mandy Kent, Sales & Marketing Manager
Gould Publication Papers

Your new website needs to look great but it must have functionality and a layout that works to convert visitors to clients, by meeting their needs and answering their questions.

A great design can be ruined by a simple mistake or failing to grasp how your customers are most likely to use your website – attention to detail during the design processes is crucial, which is why we liaise with you throughout the process of designing your website.

Optimise your Website to Convert Visitors to Customers

To maximise design optimisation for your new website we need you to provide answers to key questions, which are then taken into account during the planning and designing stages. By talking to clients and understanding your business our design optimisation process will create a web site that converts visitors to customers.

If a designer does not spend time understanding your business but just relies on talking about which colours and font styles you prefer, then you will have a website that may look good but not deliver an enjoyable experience to potential clients.

Designers need to understand your website visitors and what information they need to make a decision, as well as designing for the different four main personality types.

Before your website is designed you should have discussed:

  • How do your customers typically buy?
  • What process do customers go through before they make a purchase or enquiry?
  • What information do they need to make a buying decision?
  • How do your customers prefer to contact you?
  • What types of personas make up your target customers?
  • How does the buying process differ from one person to the next?

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Gould Publication Papers

Gould Publication Papers supplies paper across the full spectrum of publishing. They supply any size publishers from small B2B to multi-nationals.

Social media and website marketing have been driving leads to Gould Publication Papers, who wanted to have an improved website and increase the profile of their corporate brand online.


Gould: Home Page
Trade Assessments

Trade Assessments Ltd provides training and assessments to help people gain recognised qualifications and skills to improve their career prospects in the construction industry.

Offering many qualifications, the challenge for this site was to show a great deal of information in an easy to access format for students of varying abilities.

Two micro-sites were built in addition to the main website for CPCS Cards and CSCS Cards.


Trade Assessments: Home Page
GalxC Air Conditioning and Refridgeration Ltd.

GalxC Limited is a leader in the delivery of integrated solutions for cooling systems. They are especially known for supplying and installing Chillers.

Being in a highly competitive industry, GalxC needed a website which placed them ahead of their rivals and was highly visible.

The website also needed to gain clients as well as provide technical information for engineers and busy facility managers.


GalxC Chillers Home Page
Cliphair Ltd.

Cliphair is an online retailer of hair extensions.

Their site needed to enable potential customers to locate hair extensions by type, colour and length.

To help customers buy online extra features such as a colour selector chart and the ability to upload photos to get the best colour match were added.


Cliphair: Home Page

Design Optimisation Makes the Layout of Your Website Easy to Use

I look at colour, style, layout and features to optimise a web page to produce the highest number of conversions possible.

Phil Boulter, Splice Marketing
Conversion Optimisation Practitioner

Gain more clients and more revenue by removing barriers to conversion. Applying design conversion to the layout of the site as a whole, individual page elements and the information the visitor to your site needs, will enable properly applied design optimisation to remove the barriers which prevent visitors converting to become customers.

The layout for design optimisation is one of the trickiest facets of web design, as it requires designers using their skills for each unique website to arrange the content effectively whilst still looking good.

Successful Websites Excel with the Incorporation of Design Optimisation

Experienced designers consider elements such as balance, colour, graphics, fonts, white space and how this is all brought together to engage with website visitors in an easy to use layout so that visitors become clients. Less skilled web designers can easily make a design look unbalanced or ruin the proportions of the website, which will give the overall impression of a rushed design and damage your brand.

Use of colour is essential in successful websites and websites, which have design optimisation at their core, use colours to draw a website visitor’s eye to the key words and call to action buttons, whilst the overall layout draws them through the site to the final conversion activity.

Successful websites rarely happen by chance. They involve a great deal of empathy, knowledge and skill from the design team. This includes designers paying attention to detail to make your website excel and increasing your revenue.

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