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Advanced web analytics will provide you with the management data you need to make solid marketing decisions and incrementally increase sales; converting website visitors to customers.

Website analytics should always be meaningful and come with analysis rather than simply providing lists of numbers which are worthless without interpretation and future actions arising from them.

Making Sense of the Numbers with Web Analytics

Having data is one thing, knowing how to analyse that data and extract meaningful management information from it is another and requires a specialist.

At Splice Marketing we have the experience to understand the data provided by website analytics and to use this to produce reports and make recommendations based on the information we extract.

Giving you management information, which has been missing enables you to get a better return on your investment and marketing budget.

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Gould Publication Papers

Gould Publication Papers supplies paper across the full spectrum of publishing. They supply any size publishers from small B2B to multi-nationals.

Social media and website marketing have been driving leads to Gould Publication Papers, who wanted to have an improved website and increase the profile of their corporate brand online.

Visit www.gouldpublicationpapers.co.uk

Gould: Home Page
Trade Assessments

Trade Assessments Ltd provides training and assessments to help people gain recognised qualifications and skills to improve their career prospects in the construction industry.

Offering many qualifications, the challenge for this site was to show a great deal of information in an easy to access format for students of varying abilities.

Two micro-sites were built in addition to the main website for CPCS Cards and CSCS Cards.

Visit www.tradeassessmentsltd.com

Trade Assessments: Home Page
GalxC Air Conditioning and Refridgeration Ltd.

GalxC Limited is a leader in the delivery of integrated solutions for cooling systems. They are especially known for supplying and installing Chillers.

Being in a highly competitive industry, GalxC needed a website which placed them ahead of their rivals and was highly visible.

The website also needed to gain clients as well as provide technical information for engineers and busy facility managers.

Visit www.galxc.co.uk/chillers

GalxC Chillers Home Page
Cliphair Ltd.

Cliphair is an online retailer of hair extensions.

Their site needed to enable potential customers to locate hair extensions by type, colour and length.

To help customers buy online extra features such as a colour selector chart and the ability to upload photos to get the best colour match were added.

Visit www.cliphair.co.uk

Cliphair: Home Page

Know What is Working and Why With Website Analytics

Measuring, managing and improving your website analytics are essential to grow your business, especially when you are using a multipronged marketing strategy. It is vital to know what is working and where improvements should be made. As with all things, improvement is always possible.

At Splice Marketing we use website analytics to show you the return you are getting on your investment and revenue growth. Our website analytics have been designed to measure:

  • The specific navigation of users from page to page on your website
  • Which keywords result in different actions on your website
  • Segment users to your website by any measurable action
  • Profile different groups of users
  • Calculate revenue by keyword
  • Provide data for email marketing campaigns
  • Monitor how search engines are visiting your site
  • Create sales funnels and goals and assign them values
  • Import data from your PPC campaigns

Make Good Management and Marketing Decisions Based On Useful Web Analytics

Web analytics are the glue that holds together your integrated marketing system. Without information, you are powerless to make good management and marketing decisions. The data from our website analytics enables us to:

  • Track overall visitor metrics
  • Find the best and worst parts of our marketing system
  • Find out what keywords are leading to revenue generation
  • Profile visitor types to improve conversion architecture
  • Split test different pages to incrementally improve site content
  • Use customer actions to drive email marketing campaigns
  • Slice and dice raw data to test different scenarios

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