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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Every business should have a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy to ensure they are getting their share of search engine traffic and the resulting targeted leads. SEO provides an efficient tool to drive traffic to your website and an opportunity to learn more about your customers and potential customers when SEO is analysed.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

A professional Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign provides the sales injection you are seeking. PPC advertising matches your advertising with people actively looking for your products and services at that particular moment in time, which makes it highly effective, targeted and cost effective, when the campaign is managed properly by SEO specialists.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are one of the most effective methods of getting people to take action in a very short space of time and are still highly relevant to the marketing mix of any business. Emails have become an accepted method of communication providing they are targeted and provide relevant, quality information.

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Internet Marketing Provides an Effective Campaign

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Be able to deploy your marketing efforts effectively and receive a return of investment (ROI) through the advantages internet marketing gives you, by running an integrated campaign which is suitable for all business types.

Having the opportunity to target customers as well as refining and improving your campaign thanks to information gained from analysis gives you a powerful marketing tool. Your marketing messages are more likely to succeed when they can be measured, adjusted and applied effectively.

Internet Marketing Tools Deliver Results

Internet marketing uses a wide range of tactics including:

Nearly all business will benefit form at least one form of internet marketing, which is ideal as the backbone to more traditional marketing campaigns. Possibly the only exception, is when you have a totally revolutionary product that nobody knows about or knows the benefits of. In such circumstances internet marketing needs more support from more traditional public relation (PR) and marketing campaigns.

Flexible and Cost Effective Marketing Through Internet Marketing

Its cost effectiveness and flexibility enables you to create multiple versions of the same campaign quickly, saving you money whilst you are able to trial different ideas and messages.

The immediacy of the feedback from your targeted audience quickly shows you what is working and what needs amending so you can easily and efficiently adjust your marketing campaign to get better results.

With an integrated campaign Splice Marketing will provide you with an internet marketing strategy which will gain you new customers based on a website designed specifically provide you with an effective online business. Traffic will be driven to your website through search engine marketing tactics including search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click advertising (PPC). Other elements include using integrated CRM, an Email Marketing System, segmentation tools, analytics, landing page creation and social media.

Internet marketing when delivered by experienced online professionals is an effective tool for business, delivering measurable results and additional revenue for your business.

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