Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

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Pay Per Click Advertising: Uniquely Positioned For Digital Marketing

Marketing is becoming more sophisticated as consumers are changing their habits towards traditional media, for example recording television programmes on DVRs (digital video recorders) to skip advertising breaks. These changes have given Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) an advantage when it comes to reaching potential customers.

You need to position yourself to be seen by internet users searching for services, products and keywords which are relevant to you. The dynamics between the consumer and advertisers has changed so that the customer is in control of how they seek information.

We have seen improvements across all areas including our natural search listings and PPC campaigns

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Therefore, when they start looking you need to be sure that you are the one seen and that you provide the relevant information they are looking for, so you will be the one to fulfil their need, rather than a competitor.

PPC Advertising Is Measurable, Targeted and Cost Effective

Online advertising is able to target people who are actively looking and who have a specific requirement at the time. Traditional advertising lacks this advantage and is becoming less effective as it interrupts your attention as you watch the television or read a magazine. Similarly, banner advertisements are often overlooked by website visitors unlike PPC advertising which closely matches your business with a relevant consumer.

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PPC Advertising Campaigns Managed Professionally Yield Optimum Results

Advertising which is targeted, cost-effective and measurable provides you with an opportunity to get the best results from your marketing spend. Pay Per Click advertising provides this. You will not have to pay a blanket fee to reach 10,000 readers of a publication, many of whom will be uninterested in your offer. With PPC you only pay to reach the people who are actually interested in your products and services.

Does this sound too good to be true? When pay per click marketing works well it provides amazing results.

Successful PPC advertising is not easy to achieve. It needs to include:

  • The best advertisement possible – to gain quality leads
  • Matching the ideal terms
  • Be persuasive - so website visitors become customers (good conversion rates)
  • Be monitored - so that campaigns can be refined and improved regularly.

Professional PPC management makes a difference

You can opt to manage your own PPC campaign but you will need to be prepared to tackle the many nuances of PPC advertising schemes, which regularly change and affect the best strategy for your campaigns. With pricing and position decided by popularity and relevancy those with the best adverts are the ultimate winners in the race to gain quality leads.

Using the professional PPC managers at Splice Marketing makes using this form of advertising much easier and effective. We will:

  • Review your marketing strategy
  • Identify the areas where you should be advertising
  • Write the ads
  • Build the landing pages (website pages designed specifically for those visitors using PPC) Set up systems to monitor and improve your results.

You are free to cancel your campaign at any time, but if you are making money you may want to spend more rather than less to get even more leads.

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