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Attract the right visitors to your website, turn them into clients and increase your revenue with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Effective SEO will provide more traffic to your website through organic searches for less money than other marketing methods. This means more sales leads and more revenue for your business.

Effective SEO Means More Leads and More Revenue

With Google you can reach 90% of internet users, primarily through their search engine but also through their social network Google+, YouTube, Google Product Search and Google Maps.

SEO brings you tangible results:

  • Successful SEO is measured through an increase in the number of visitors to your website
  • These visitors should be converted into customers
  • This means an increase in revenue for your business

Splice Marketing measures the above for you and suggests refinements to your SEO strategy, so it remains current, keeping pace with changing trends and enabling you to reach the largest number of potential clients possible.

We have seen improvements across all areas including our natural search listings and PPC campaigns

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Getting to Position One on Google with an Effective SEO Strategy

You may have received an offer to “get you to number one on Google” but wondered if this was a possibility and should you aspire to achieve this top position?

In simple terms the answer to both questions is “Yes”.

It is often achievable (although not for all companies; it depends on the marketplace and your company name) and is certainly worth trying to achieve in terms of generating traffic to your website.

The top position in Google is worth more than positions two, three and four combined in attracting traffic to your website. These extra numbers of website visitors have the potential to make a huge difference to your revenue.

Every business should have an SEO strategy that ensures they are getting their share of search engine traffic. Search engine traffic exists in large quantities; if you aren't getting it, your competitors are.

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What Should Your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Strategy Involve?

Effective SEO means getting your site to appear in the natural online searches (not paid for advertisements) for the terms your potential customers are using in their searches.

Search engines are used in every part of our lives and are growing in importance. They link us to information, products, maps, businesses and services. They are continuously changing to provide the most useful and accurate search results they can, with regular changes that can have a massive effect on your website ranking.

Effective SEO programs focus on:

  • Profiling your types of customers
  • Researching the types of information your target market are looking for
  • Finding out what terms your customers use when searching
  • Finding out how customers buy within your particular business model (buying cycle)

Our simple approach focuses on:

  • Adding relevant well written content to your website
  • Structuring your pages and website to make them 'search friendly'
  • Increasing the popularity of your pages

How Long Will It Take and How Much Will it Cost?

The length of time to achieve a rise in rankings through organic SEO and how much it will cost varies depending on your marketplace:

  • The level of competition
  • What products you are selling or providing as a service
  • Whether your products or services are unique, new or popular
  • Your geographic region.

There are over 34,000 searches per second on Google alone (3 billion per day), which means just under half of us our searching the internet every day! This does not include the significant volume of searches from other search engines either, so you can imagine the final figure.

With such potential to achieve revenue why would you neglect having an effective SEO strategy in place?

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