Engage visitors by illustrating products and features in real time.
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We have been delighted with the recent contribution that the Splice Marketing team has made to the improved, creative design of our company web site.

Nigel Sellers, Director
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Make an impact and bring your website to life in real time with animation, which will make your website more appealing to website visitors.

Engage Website Visitors With Animation

Use animation to make your website more user-friendly and convert website visitors into customers. Animation is engaging for most visitors and when incorporated well into a website will make your site look more professional, but it must have a purpose and not just be included for effect only.

Product demonstrations, for example, help provide a website visitor with more information, showing a complete view of 3D dimensions or explaining how to use a product. Being able to move and see all parts of a product (front, back, sides, top and bottom) increases the interest of a potential client in a product. Such use of animation gives the website visitor more information and therefore more confidence in making their purchasing decision, helping increase the number of orders and revenue your business will gain from your website.

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Add Value to Your Website With Animation

An interactive website with animation alongside compelling web copy writing will grab the attention of website visitors and provide a website that will be remembered. For some personality types words alone are insufficient as they prefer to watch or listen to audio visual content to understand a product or service fully.

Animation can make the website easier to use for your website visitors:

  • Acting as a general help tool
  • Helping a potential customer understand how to use a product effectively
  • Answering frequently asked questions in an informative and less boring way than the traditional method.

Animation is a Versatile and Powerful Marketing Tool

Subtle animation may be used to “finish off” a website, make the call to action clearer or draw attention to a feature such as a brand’s logo or but should never be distracting from the core message and content of your website.

Too much animation is distracting but done well it is a versatile and strong marketing tool which highlights the benefits of products and services in a way that website copywriting and still images cannot portray as effectively.

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