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A key element in persuading your visitors to take the action you require.
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We had always thought of a website as being just an information tool, not a platform to enable us to generate sales.

Mandy Kent, Sales & Marketing Manager
Gould Publication Papers

Web copy writing is of key importance or to use an apt cliché “Content is King”. It should not to be underrated, as web copy writing often takes far longer to compose than people realise.

Business owners and managers understand their products and services, but when it comes to putting persuasive information on their website they often find it difficult knowing what to say, how to say it or to whom they are saying it.

Make Your Content Persuasive and Easy to Understand

Websites that work properly should attract a wide but targeted audience. Unless you have a website aimed specifically at experts in a particular field, it is important that anyone finding your website will read the content and understand why they should do business with you. Ideally content should be written for the 10 to 14 year old age range. Using content written for this age range will mean people will be able to read the page quickly.

Your website should not be hard work for the visitor, or worse intimidating or confusing. Everything should be made as simple as possible to encourage conversion. By keeping the content easy to understand you will encourage people to engage with what you are saying.

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Website Content Should Appeal to Everyone

Writing good, effective, persuasive content for websites is a skill and takes time but is crucial to the success of websites.

Xan Phillips, Splice Marketing
MCIPR Accredited

There are four major personality types you need to appeal to through your web copy writing. Your content needs to be persuasive and work to convince all the different personality types to take the action you require, whether this is donating money, attending an event or purchasing goods or services. The four personality types are:

  • Competitive – they need to know you are the best solution for them
  • Spontaneous – they are more interested in acting quickly, being encouraged to take action, with compelling and exciting content that persuades them
  • Humanistic - including testimonials and talking about what the experience will be like for people buying your goods or using your service is key for this group
  • Methodical – this group want to know facts and to understand your process

As you can see, it is not easy producing content to cater for all of these personality types, but it is necessary. This is why many websites with poor web copy writing do not achieve their full potential despite looking great or getting many visits.

Include Relevant Information in Your Web Copy Writing

It is often tempting to rush web copy writing once the website has been designed to get the website launched. However, content must not be viewed as a chore but a key part of the persuasive process for website visitors and crafted to achieve maximum empathy.

Some tips to achieve this are:

  • Making sure that the content on each page is relevant to the respective product. For example, make sure that the case studies, reviews and feedback are all related to the specific product on the page. This may not always be possible, especially for businesses just starting up, but is something you should strive to achieve.
  • Think about the top questions you are asked by customers and provide the answers on your site or provide meaningful links to the answers.
  • Ask yourself if there is information you can provide that will build trust with customers and help your customers. They are more likely to recommend your website and provide repeat business if you do this.
  • Consider including images and subtitles, avoiding jargon and checking spellings

Many of the best sites have content written for them rather than leaving it to an internal person, who attempts to “write a few words” and ends up “we-weing” all over the site, telling everyone how great they are but not what they can do for you as the customer.

In simple terms, it is critical to have the best web copy writing for your website to deliver the best return on investment and enable you to make you money.

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