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Ensure your website contains all the information required by law.
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We enjoy dealing with Splice Marketing because they explain everything in layman’s terms and do not baffle us with science so that we understand exactly what they are doing.

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It’s essential to ensure that the legal framework for your business is covered, as this could save you a lot of time and money in the event that a dispute occurs down the line. We have teamed up with legal experts to supply you with legal services at a fixed, affordable fee.

As a business owner or a website operator, there are a number of legal requirements you need to consider. These include:

Making Sure Your Name is Protected - You may have the name of your business registered at Companies House or the domain name, but this will not grant you the exclusive legal right to use that name in your chosen market place.

Make Sure Your Terms of Business are Watertight - Generic terms and conditions can open your business up to unnecessary liability, especially in the long term. Get your terms drafted specifically for your business.

Employ the right people - Your people are your biggest asset so use a contract of employment to secure your assets and ensure both you and your employee know what their role and responsibilities are in the work place.

Handle data with care - As a business owner, you will be responsible to ensure that any personal information collected about your staff or clients is handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act. If you’re processing personal information, you need to make sure that you are registered as a data controller under this Act. Failure to do so can incur criminal liability.

Market Correctly - Make sure any marketing, including email marketing and telemarketing is conducted in accordance with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2011. This legislation also governs how you use tracking cookies on your website and a well drafted privacy and cookie policy can over all of these points.

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Legal Compliance for Websites

No one wants to be on the wrong side of the law, so using a company providing legal services as a package makes good sense.

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Save on legal fees and services but still have the information which is essential for your website through the Legal Compliance Package, which is perfect for both new and established businesses and includes:

  • Legal review of your website
  • Data Protection Registration
  • Privacy & Cookie Policy
  • Terms & Conditions

Trade Mark Services

A registered trade mark will give you the legal right to use your trade mark in the category of goods or services that you provide in the UK. It can consist of words, designs, logos, letters, numerals, symbols or the shape of goods or their packaging. Consumers use a trade mark to identify where the goods or services come from.

Running your business without a trade mark can be a serious risk as anyone can use your name unless you have a registered trade mark in place that protects your brand. You may already have the name registered at Companies House and the domain name, but unfortunately this is not enough to prevent someone registering your name under trademark law.

You can permit others to use your trade mark by granting them a license to use your trade mark in return for a license fee. This is one of the key elements to franchising your business but we would recommend that you seek additional information about doing this so it is all done legally and correctly to avoid any long term problems which you may overlook.

A Bespoke Service to Meet Your Requirements

All of our services are bespoke. This means that we will work closely with you as our client in order to understand what the issues and objectives of your business are. This will allow us to build an accurate picture of your business which will help us to make sure that what we offer is suitable for your requirements.

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