E-Commerce Stock Control Systems

Control stock levels for your E-Commerce website, eBay Shop and Amazon Shop all via one easy to use system.

  • Finally get to grips with your stock
  • Know what’s in stock, out of stock, how much to order and what’s expected in.
  • Automate your stock levels across all sales channels including your website, eBay and Amazon
  • Reduce back orders dramatically and all the admin work that goes with it
  • Manage returns, exchanges and refunds efficiently

For ecommerce retailers, keeping track of multiple selling channels can be problematic. Checking and adjusting your stock levels on each channel manually is time-consuming, and if not done accurately you can end up with customer orders that you can’t fulfil. It’s also easy to lose track of a customer’s order, particularly if you receive hundreds of orders per day.

Keep Track Of Your All Your Online Shopping Channels using One Software Package with Linnworks Software

Splice Marketing is pleased to announce our partnership with Linnworks stock control system. Linnworks is a powerful multi-channel ecommerce management system for online retailers. With Linnworks, routine tasks such as updating inventory, printing invoices and processing and shipping orders are taken care of automatically, reducing your workload and freeing up your time.

A Comprehensive Multi-Channel E-Commerce Management Software Package

Covering everything from listings, stock/inventory management, purchase orders and supplier management to order fulfilment, picking, packing, shipping and customer communication, it enables you to manage your ecommerce business with ease and efficiency. With Linnworks, you can run 100 orders in under a minute, meaning the process of handling huge shipments is manageable even for smaller retailers. It will even integrate with all major website carts and a wide range of shipping couriers, so you can manage sales on external ecommerce marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon and Play.com.

What’s more, Linnworks won’t tie you up with contract agreements and commission charges, and the software comes with comprehensive, easy-to-understand operating guides.

Splice Marketing will set up your ecommerce business with Linnworks, installing the software and integrating it with your ecommerce sites and marketplace stores. We can also provide guidance and advice to make sure you get the most out of this comprehensive software package.

For more information on Linnworks, please visit their website at www.linnworks.com or call Splice Marketing on 0845 652 2412

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