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Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Social Media Training courses work best when designed for small groups to suit their skills and requirements.

Discover how to effectively use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and newer platforms such as Pinterest with a bespoke training course designed to help you use social media marketing effectively with a strategy to benefit your organisation.

Social Media

Social Media
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...their teachings have given us a new route to get our products/services to the customers who need them.

Richard Kightley
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We can manage your social media including all of these sites:

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Social Media is not a fad. It's here to stay and a great marketing tool when used well.

Xan Phillips, Splice Marketing
PR and Social Media Manager

Social Media Is Useful to Businesses and Organisations

Maximise your return on investment (ROI) by using social media to drive traffic to your website and raise your profile, as well as your web ranking.

Using a mix of traditional marketing and social media marketing to connect with customers gives you the best opportunity to reach the maximum number of customers and potential clients.

Keep track of digital customer feedback and monitor your brand to build brand awareness and improve customer service, by using social media to naturally communicate with customers. By regularly communicating with customers they will remember you as well as seeing you as a leading expert in your field and someone they can trust.

Position social media at the heart of your online presence and see results. Social media if used effectively will benefit businesses of all sizes and types from those selling products to those supplying services as well as charities using it as a means to fundraise. Social media is also a great tool for product launches, releasing news, profiling your brand and providing great customer service.

Social Media Training Courses Benefit Your Business

Select whether you want to have your social media requirements managed or have your staff trained to use social media effectively; both options are available from Splice Marketing.

Discover how to effectively use the different social media marketing platforms with a bespoke training course or one to one mentoring. Social Media Training Courses take into consideration your existing social media knowledge and enable you to have your own staff trained so that your staff develop skills in-house. Supported with a blog as central to your social media presence, you may pick one or several platforms to learn: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+ being the most popular, although the latter are still relatively new.

You Know You Should Use Social Media but Do Not Have the Time

Are you too busy for social media marketing but know its important? If so help is at hand.

You will save time by using Splice Marketing to manage your social media marketing and harness our passion for social media to benefit your business. We keep updated with the latest tools and developments, as there are many different social media marketing options available. After spending time talking to you about your business and your marketplace, you will be given a social media strategy that yields results for your business based on an audit and analysis of your marketplace.

Social Media marketing moves at an incredibly fast rate with new tools and platforms appearing and declining in importance rapidly. By using a professional social media person to evaluate these tools and advise you about the best ones for your particular business, as part of a social media strategy, provided to your organisation, you will save yourself a great deal of time and be able to focus on your core business.

Social Media is not a fad its here to stay and you really need to be making it integral to your marketing strategy, whether you have your own staff trained and made responsible for its implementation or you use outsourced social media management. You cannot afford to ignore social media.

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Gould Publication Papers supplies paper across the full spectrum of publishing. They supply any size publishers from small B2B to multi-nationals.

Social media and website marketing have been driving leads to Gould Publication Papers, who wanted to have an improved website and increase the profile of their corporate brand online.


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