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First impressions count and this is true of your blog design. When people visit your blog for the first time they need to believe that your content is worth reading. The blog design contributes to their confidence in the content.

Why an Effective Blog Design is Important

Blogs should be at the heart of your online presence for many reasons:

  • They provide the ideal way to add fresh content to your website.
  • Their teachings have given us a new route to get our products/services to the customers who need them.

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  • Will drive traffic to your website.
  • Raise your profile and are essential to your social media marketing, helping you develop an audience who are interested in what you are saying.
  • Show that you are professional and up to date with information.

Blogs are your opportunity to showcase your knowledge and professionalism so good a blog design and well-written content will profile your business in a favourable light and increase your opportunities to sell.

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A good blog design will help you gain more sales, by achieving the points listed above. By taking advantage of our vast experience we will enable you to meet your objectives. We consider the important elements needed for a successful blog:

Make It Easy To Share Your Blog Post

Social media sharing buttons and book-marking buttons are important inclusions on successful blog designs. Consideration should be given to using social media effectively too as they enable the blogger to grow their audience and spread information to more people, driving more people to your website.

Including an image in your blog design will help with the aesthetic appeal of the blog as well as helping to communicate information. However, images also provide an opportunity for “pinning” on social media sites such as Pinterest, increasing the likelihood of them being read.

Your Blog Design Is For Your Audience First

By understanding your readers you will build a better connection with them. This will encourage them to read your entire blog, revisit it and hopefully to subscribe (through a RSS feed) to your blog.

Building a relationship with your readers means they are more likely to buy your product or service. Do not try to overtly sell. Over 95% of people won’t buy anything on their first visit to your blog, so it makes more sense to concentrate your effort on getting subscriptions, followers on Twitter, fans on Facebook or completing a signup form for newsletters or emails than to sell immediately.

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