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All of the websites we design give you the power to control all aspects of your website with ease.

Benefit from the huge opportunities, which a well-designed e-commerce website will bring you as your online shoppers enjoy the experience of using your site quickly and easily.

The shopping experience is key to popular e-commerce websites. Those that are easy to use, get more sales and encourage repeat business as well as word of mouth referrals.

To excel and stand out from the crowd, your website needs to have great functionality and persuade website visitors to purchase online thanks to the design optimisation of the site.

Once visitors are on your e-commerce website you want them to stay until the end of the process; finishing their shopping and completing their purchases. Therefore, having a check out process that is easy to use is a vital step in the process.

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Why Use Splice Marketing for your E-Commerce Website Design?

The recent redesign has led to our orders and enquiries going through the roof!

Hannah Mills, Autobulbs Direct Ltd.
Customer Service Assistant

The advantage Splice Marketing gives its customers is its process.

By knowing what works in practise, as we own and run our own e-commerce sites, means we pass this experience onto you as our client, so you enjoy the benefits of a good e-commerce website design. In addition, we:

  • Take time to understand your business, your challenges, aims and successes so you get the e-commerce website design which delivers results.
  • Experienced building e-commerce sites for a range of turnovers from £100s to £10,000s
  • Also experienced building online shops for a few products to a product range of thousands
  • Have developed a range of e-commerce solutions from taking simple online payments, through to complex built-to-order systems.

An Online Shop Needs a Great E-Commerce Website Design

Bespoke designs are necessary as each e-commerce website needs to consider different factors including the:

  • Customers they attract
  • Uniqueness of your product or service
  • Scope of your operation (local, regional, national or global)
  • Competition in the market place.
  • Businesses selling products will need a different e-commerce website design to businesses selling services.
  • All online shops need to provide information and be easy to navigate.

Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Website Through Marketing

Some customers will want to know the specifications of your product, others just want to know the benefits and how they will feel using your products (so you need customer reviews as well as product information).

Make sure that you have a solid e-marketing plan and strategies for search engine marketing and customer retention so that your e-commerce website will reach its full potential.

Tweak your e-commerce website design to make everything easier for your online shopper. Use analytics to measure results.

Be aware of the top questions your customers want answered so that they can make their purchasing decision.

Making the shopper’s experience quick and easy will encourage repeat business and recommendations, which in turn will increase revenue for your business.

Build Trust With Your E-Commerce Website Design

By opening dialogue with customers and providing the information they need you will increase repeat orders as you will know your customers’ fears and be able to provide answers. It may be that shipping costs or your returns policy is a concern to customers so don’t hide it, let the customer know where they can find this information without searching for it.

This may seem like a great deal of information to take in and incorporate but don’t worry our e-commerce website design process is made easy for our clients, as our professional designers have a great deal of experience to apply to benefit your new site.

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Visit www.refitmyhome.com

Refitmyhome.com Limited is a leading worktop supply company, which delivers worktops and worktop accessories to the whole of mainland UK.

Outstanding results have been achieved for Refitmyhome.com through proactive website marketing, which has seen their natural search traffic increase by 434% and their revenue increase by a staggering 795%.

Refitmyhome.com: Home Page

Visit myithlete.com

Ithlete was designed to enable athletes to train smarter by incorporating HRV (heart rate variability) monitoring into their schedule; improving performance and reducing the risk of injury through overtraining.

The website was designed to directly link into the apps store and Google Play Store so clients could easily purchase the HRV app to go with their chest strap. It is also designed to take multiple currencies and to ship to multiple countries.

ithlete: Home Page
Cliphair Ltd.

Cliphair is an online retailer of hair extensions.

Their site needed to enable potential customers to locate hair extensions by type, colour and length.

To help customers buy online extra features such as a colour selector chart and the ability to upload photos to get the best colour match were added.

Visit www.cliphair.co.uk

Cliphair: Home Page
First Class Sailing

First Class Sailing offers a range of theory and practical sailing courses from their offices in London and Southampton.

They were looking for an improved website to enable their visitors to easily find information and to book courses online.

To improve efficiency First Class Sailing also wanted tools to manage their bookings.

Visit www.firstclasssailing.com/

First Class Sailing: Home Page
Autobulbs Direct

Autobulbs Direct is an e-commerce site that mainly sells to consumers through their online shop.

The development of this site was quite complex, requiring various customised tools to help make the visitors experience more enjoyable by enabling them to find the correct bulbs or wipers for their vehicle more easily.

Visit www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk

Autobulbs: Twitter Profile Page
BHP Plus

BHP Plus is unusual for an e-commerce website, selling a handful of products, which are available in thousands of variants depending on the model of your car, van or tractor.

To make the visitor experience straightforward, a vehicle search and selector enables those using the site to find the correct tuning box for their vehicle and to request the correct tuning map to be installed.

Visit www.bhpplus.co.uk

BHP Plus: Home Page

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