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31% of web traffic in the UK comes from smartphone and tablet users, and that number is set to rise as portable device technology and mobile internet connectivity becomes more advanced, affordable and available.

Increasingly customers and potential clients are turning to mobile devices to view website pages rather than switching on PCs or laptops. Therefore, developing a mobile-optimised site makes sense if you are to offer your website visitors the best user experience possible and give yourself the best opportunity to convert browsers to clients. Why would you not want to get more clients and increase your sales? The easier you make it for your website visitors the more likely they are to stay on your site and convert into clients, spending money with you.

Relying solely on a site designed for desktops and expecting it to appeal to mobile users as well is likely to harm your conversion rate. Responsive websites will give you the best CRO (conversion rate optimisation) results in today’s online climate.

Splice Marketing provides mobile website design services and will develop a site for your business, which is optimised for viewing on mobile devices, ensuring you won’t miss out on opportunities from smartphone and tablet users. We will either create a mobile version of your existing desktop site or develop a new mobile site along with a new desktop site for you.

Our Latest Mobile Projects

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Why do I need a Mobile Friendly Website?

To Increase your Mobile Conversion Rate

Traditional desktop website design will usually be cumbersome and frustrating to use on mobile devices, and will lead to potential customers leaving your site, especially if your site is designed with “hover” features. A site that loads quickly and has straight forward navigation means your mobile visitors are more likely to stay on your site, increasing the likelihood of sales and increased business for your company.

Traffic from Mobiles Is on the Rise!

Advances in 3G connection coverage and the recent introduction of 4G are increasing people’s interest, and use, in mobile technology, specifically smartphones. With almost a third of UK web traffic coming from smartphones and tablets it’s vital to have a site, which provides an efficient and enjoyable experience to these mobile users.

Mobile Traffic is Set to Grow by 26 Times by 2015

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular and more affordable, with forecasts predicting they will replace laptops by 2015. This trend will also increase the amount of mobile traffic, over the foreseeable future, accessing the internet. If you lack a mobile design and your competitors have one, the chances are you will be losing clients to them: optimise your site for mobiles now to ensure you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

The Problem we're Solving

Small Menu Links

Text links, buttons and menu items are too small to tap on a smartphone without zooming-in first.

Mobile friendly websites show the menu items on tap of a menu button. Text links and buttons are enlarged to be easily tapped by a fingertip.

Small Text

Small text has to be zoomed-in before it can be read, and if the body of text is too wide for the screen, the user has to scroll left and right constantly to read the whole paragraph. This means the user loses their place in the text and the incentive to buy from persuasive content.

Mobile friendly sites show text, which is sized to be read comfortably. Formatting ensures the text stays in columns, which fits the dimensions of the mobile device, so users simply scroll down to read larger paragraphs of text.

Crowded Design

Desktop sites can be compared to newspaper pages in design, with many different columns and images arranged on a page. This works well on computer monitors, but is cluttered and difficult to navigate on smaller screens.

Multiple images increase the loading times of sites significantly. Mobile friendly sites arrange the key elements of the site into a clear and concise form, removing non-essential images and content to ensure the site loads more quickly.

Mobile website design: small buttons reduce conversion
Browsing a non-mobile website
Mobile website design: Clear design and large buttons
Browsing a mobile friendly website

Responsive Web Design

Splice Marketing also provide responsive web design services. These designs automatically adjust to the dimensions of the device being used, meaning your website will appear optimised whether users are viewing it from a computer monitor, tablet or smartphone.

We can either develop a new responsive website for your business or modify your existing site to become responsive.

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